The solar module production facility is located on the edge of Kilkis industrial park in northern Greece. Both the building and the main parking lot are covered by a planted roof rising directly from the ground.
Under this roof the main functional zones of the production are placed from the south to north in the following order.

The first low ceiling zone includes the parking area. The second zone covers the production areas and the storage areas. The third zone incorporated two levels. At the grond level the loading area, a traffic corridor and the electromechanical support facilities are located. The first level covers the administration offices and the dining area. Due to the canted planted roof, the aesthetic result is outstanding even though the size of the building is grand.

The outmost constructional innovation of this industrial unit is the multifunctional roof, which serves in the production of electrical energy and contributes to natural lighting of the production areas. Heat gain from the sky lights is offset by the high insulation value of the earth roof. By covering the parking area with a planted roof, the environmental consequences of its paving, storm water runoff and thermal pollution are eliminated. The photovoltaic panels are put on the roof in parallel with bands of planned earth combining the “technology peak” with the “environmental consciousness”.

Architectural StudyKiss-Cathcart, Panos Panetsos, Faidros Avdisς
SiteIndustrial zone Stavroxori, Kilkis