Cultural Center, Korydallos

A public building with two underground levels, a ground floor with high ceilings and loft level, three additional stories and upper story. A basic conviction in the working out of the design was that a cultural center should contribute to the creation of a self-managing cultural community based on citizen participation and productive dialogue. It is an open-to-the public building whose structure per se instigates the development of a multiplicity of activities. This is achieved by :

a. the visual linking, via a zone of open air space, of the two basic axes of movement

b. the provision of an open space on the first floor which functions as a free open plaza for a variety of activities, directly accessible from the surrounding streets

c. the creation of a glazed atrium which penetrates the building and helps the user towards perceiving what activities are going at all levels of the building.

The project received the (1st) first award of the Architectural Competition in 1982 and was among the projects chosen to be showcased during the first (1st) Biennale of Young Greek Architects in 1992.

Architectural studyPanos Panetsos,  Vangelis Apreghis,  Anna-Styliani Kyriakou
Construction study associate architect Giorgos Mademochoritis
SiteAthens, Korydallos, Gr. Lambraki & Karitenis 4
Design period1982-1986
Construction period1987-1992